CHRISTOPHE CLOUD has been the CEO of General Acoustics since its creation in 1993. He holds a Master on acoustics, lighting and HVAC and a DEA on acoustics. After 2 years at the CNRS, he was hired by the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile, where he supervised the certifications on acoustics for aircrafts (A320, A330, etc.). He also provided advice to the DGAC for the optimisation of the aircraft nuisance management.

General Acoustics focuses on acoustics and vibration on architecture, industry, transports and environment. Our clients are mainly public or private developers (local authorities, companies or private individuals), designers (architects, consultants) and contractors.

General acoustics activities range from large projects (design, execution control, testing, commissioning) to small control or advice operations (noise nuisance, sound insulation, vibration, etc.). Our expertise and skill is based on a deep knowledge on acoustics and backed up by the latest measurement, calculation and design tools.

With two offices, in Paris and La Rochelle, General Acoustics can take part on all types of projects throughout all phases, in France and abroad.

General Acoustics is a member of CICF (Chamber of Consultant Engineers of France) and holds the OPQIBI quality certifications “Label Ingénierie” and “Etudes Acoustique”.