Services for contractors

We accompany the most important contractors in the execution of the largest projects (Hexagone Balard – Ministère de la Défense, Stade de France, etc.) or of the most sensitive in terms of acoustics (concert venues, studios, music schools, etc.) with a particular attention to the environment protection.

Our acoustics engineers can carry out a global intervention or a punctual job (e.g. a plan to reduce the construction noise, a calculation, etc.).

General Acoustics works with contractors to help them meet the objectives and criteria set by the clients and their design teams. We also intervene in preventing and monitoring the construction noise. Our expertise and skill is based on a deep knowledge on building and environmental acoustics.

Don’t hesitate to contact us whether you need a full check of the project (plans and technical specification documents), advice on construction techniques, in-situ acoustic testing, the installation of a construction noise monitoring system or if you have any problem related to the execution of a project.


Contractors are most times constrained to meeting a set of acoustic objectives by using specific means. A full review of the tender documentation (plans, acoustic design reports, technical specification documents) allows clarification of the obligations towards the client or developer as well as awareness on regulations and standards.

The large range and complexity of the acoustic indices are often source of confusion and incoherence needing clarification before the start of the execution.


In the context of a results obligation, the execution in accordance with professional standards or with building regulations is not always possible or sufficient, especially when the acoustic objectives are very stringent.

For practical reasons (provision of supplies, costs, phasing, dimensional or structural constraints) our engineers can give you advice on alternative technical solutions.


Calculations need to be performed in order to ensure the quality of a design.

If your construction firm is responsible for specific design elements, General Acoustics can offer you calculations for any type of project. We provide you a high level of guarantee, whether we use commercial acoustics softwares or tools created as a result of our R&D.


Performing acoustic testing according to standards is the most reliable way of validating a construction technique or an alternative solution. In the context of a project with repetitive configurations (offices, classrooms, apartments, etc.) acoustic testing over a sample spaces can be useful to validate solutions and therefore optimise costs.

Renovation works are often susceptible of causing a degradation of the acoustic performances of building elements (and therefore noise nuisance to neighbours). In these cases the regulations impose measurements before and after renovation.


In the context of complex projects (concert venues, studios, music schools, etc.) the support of an acoustics consultant can be of much help to liaise with the design team, for example during site meetings and visits.

The know-how of our engineers will be at your side in order to facilitate the execution of the works whilst preserving the interests of your construction company.


The installation of a permanent sound level measurement system allows you to meet the requirements of the public health regulations, and avoid sanctions for not putting in place measures to limit noise emissions.

The noise monitoring shows a drive for environmental quality and enables transparency in the communication with neighbours.

Our engineers can install a monitoring system with:

- Remote control of equipment (sound level meters and accelerometers)
- Batteries for autonomous power supply
- Real-time threshold alert
- Regular weekly report or on request

We can assist you on noise emissions management, proposing mitigation solutions as well as taking part on mediation with neighbours.

Selection of recent references:

- Long-term monitoring on the DATA CENTRE in La Corneuve (BREZILLON)
- Long-term monitoring on the construction site Duplex Paris (PARIS CITY COUNCIL)
- Long-term monitoring on the construction site Boulevard Bruix (SET ENVIRONNEMENT)
- Punctual tests on the construction site of the Gaité Lyrique (EIFFAGE)