Services for developers and designers

We assist developers and local authorities to set up acoustic design targets during the project programme, as well as validating the designer’s proposals, the execution (including construction noise monitoring) and the commissioning tests.

We are open to any competition or bid. We offer a bespoke involvement to architects and designers, as subcontractors or co-contractors, during all phases : design, tender, execution and commissioning.

The use of cutting edge technology added to the passion, creativity and constant knowledge sharing of our team of acoustics consultants has enabled General Acoustics to undertake any type of project for more than 20 years. We ensure acoustic comfort and neighbour protection whether your operation consists of a simple intervention in a bar or a high-profile architectural project.

Whether you are a designer or a developer, General Acoustics can assist on the acoustic design of any type of building, during all phases in France or abroad. Our experience is solidly based on an extensive knowledge of building acoustics.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss about design projects, assistance to developers or architectural competitions.


General Acoustics offers you a team of experienced engineers capable of undertaking the acoustic design of any type of cultural building : museums, theatres, cinemas, venues for classical or contemporary music (techno, jazz, rock), etc.

Our expertise is recognised nationally and internationally by some of the greatest artists (Evgeny Kissin rehearsal studio), sound professionals (Studios Technicolor, Studio 440) and orchestras (Auditorium Emile Bustani – Beirut).

We use advanced design tools like ODEON to predict the main acoustic parameters of rooms, like RT, clarity C80, definition D50, STI, etc. as well as producing auralisations to subjectively evaluate their sound quality.

Our expertise on vibrations and the cutting edge techniques on acoustic isolation (see our design for Gayté Lyrique in Paris) are the best warranty for the success of your project.


Education facilities are very regulated. Unfortunately, very often they don’t provide the users the best learning or working environment.

In addition to suffer from the noise in the dining hall, many students need to choose between heat and noise from the corridors, and many teachers need to stop their explanations during the passage of a train or aircraft.

General Acoustics can assist you to define a set of optimised objectives to ensure the comfort of users, inspired on the targets of the HQE certification (or equivalent).


French regulations have very much evolved very since 1969, particularly with the incorporation of the European indices. However, the sole respect of the regulations is not enough to ensure the comfort of the users, especially with regards to the new domestic activities (home cinema, music, games, etc.).

General Acoustics can assist you to establish optimised acoustic design criteria in order to ensure user comfort through the application of specific labels (HQE®, QUALITEL, BREEAM, etc.).

One in two constructions has acoustic disorders. In addition, French authorities demand a certification proving that the acoustic regulations have been taking into account during design as well as execution phases.

The décret du 30 mai 2011 defines the conditions for developers of new residential buildings to provide the certification proving that the acoustics regulations have been taken into account. This certification is presented at the end of the project to the local planning authority having granted planning permission. The document is attached to the end of works declaration, under the conditions established in the urban planning code (article R.462-4-2).


Several hospitals (Anemasse, Saint-Nazaire, etc.), old age homes and other facilities are examples of our unique expertise on the domain of healthcare.

Our engineers will determine (with regards to the regulations such as the arrêté du 25 avril 2003, ICPE, etc.) the best construction solutions to ensure the comfort patients, personnel (noise at work, privacy, etc.) as well as a perfect integration of the project within its environment.


Acoustic design is essential for sports facilities, as for any other type of venue for live performance.

The extensive experience of our acousticians has been acquired through taking part in a range of projects, from renovation works in the Stade de France to construction of several gyms and aquatic centres. This know-how will enable you to integrate the characteristics and constraints specific to sports venues, maximising public comfort whilst minimising noise nuisance to neighbours.


Whether it comes from the outside or from the inside, noise in an office is a major concern for users.

Office building design is little regulated in terms of acoustics. General Acoustics offers you guidance to establish the acoustic design criteria, based on labels such as HQE®, etc. Our acousticians have an extensive know-how on open spaces design, acquired on projects for some of the main national and international corporations (Orange, Engie, Ericsson, etc.).


We can accompany you throughout the design any industrial site, from a small workshop to a large plant (heavy industry, production plants, data centres, etc.).

Our acousticians can perform sound environment assessments in order to optimise the comfort of the staff.

General Acoustics can also define construction solutions in order to comply with noise emission limits to the neighbours (ICPE).

General Acoustics uses computer-aided design tools (e.g. CADNAA) to assess the noise emissions of industrial sites. This approach enables our engineers to specify technical solutions (attenuators, barriers, enclosures, etc.) for each source so that the control of the noise emissions of the whole site can be achieved.

Our dosimeters (portable noise measurement equipment) can be made available for employees to assess their noise exposure during working hours. These assessments are performed according to European regulations (Directive 2003/10/CE of 6 february 2003).


General Acoustics has an extensive experience regarding transport infrastructure noise. Its founder has been head of the acoustics laboratory of the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (Ministère des Transports et du Logement).

We can assist you on your environmental impact assessments for urban planning, for example carrying out noise maps. These maps allow to easily defining protection levels (façade isolation) for buildings, depending on the exposure to noise of the different areas.

In the context of a complex regulatory framework (arrêté du 23/07/2013 modifying the arrêté du 30/05/1996, arrêté du 5/05/1995, European directives, etc.) our engineers can study the acoustic impact caused by the creation or the modification of a transport infrastructure.

Based on short-term and mid-term noise surveys and traffic statistics, our assessments provide recommendations on the best environment protection strategies (barriers, screens, tunnels, speed reduction, restrictions on particular types of vehicles or aircrafts, etc.).


General Acoustics accompanies a number of major chains and retailers (Monoprix, Franprix, O’Sullivans, McDonald’s, Quick, KFC, etc.), whether their projects consist on extensive refurbishments of existing buildings or new builds.

The control of the sound environment is very important in the commercial buildings, as it enables communication. Our engineer’s know-how allow to ensure not only the respect of the environment (e.g. in technical areas, loading and unloading areas, etc.) but also the comfort for clients and staff.