Services for industry

General Acoustics can assist you to ensure both the protection of the employees against noise at work and the protection of the environment. We carry out measurements of exposition to noise in order to define levels of hardship at work, to assess compliance with noise at work regulations or even to launch action plans to reduce exposition.

In addition, we carry out acoustic studies (measurements or mapping) regarding noise levels emitted to the environment by ICPE (“installations classées pour la protection de l’environnement” i.e. “selected installations for environment protection”) or other activities susceptible to generate noise.

Noise at work is a major problem. The décret du 19/07/2006, based on the European directive 2003/10/CE, establishes de threshold of 80dB(A) as level of exposition to noise beyond which the health risk at work appears. Apart from avoiding hearing problems for employees, the control of the sound environment is essential to enhance productivity (attention, communication, etc.) as well as confidentiality, for example in the case of institutions receiving public (administrations, healthcare, etc.) and large offices.

General Acoustics offers solutions to all types of problems related to sound and vibrations. We can help you to optimise the acoustic comfort inside your premises as well as to reduce the noise emissions of your activities to the outside, for example by ventilation/air conditioning systems or loading/unloading operations, in order to minimise nuisance to your neighbours.


In the context of the European directives regarding the professional risks or for the determination of the hardship at work (noise factor), we propose studies taking into account measurements of noise at work by groups of exposition as well as describing the action plans in case limits are exceeded.

We define the Groups of Homogeneous Exposition (Groupes d’Exposition Homogènes, GEH) according to the tasks or functions of the employees. We then perform normalised measurements by means of dosimeters or sound level meters, depending on the site constraints, aiming at determining the exposition levels (vibration measurement can be carried out if necessary).

We perform also noise exposition mappings and propose actions to reduce exposition, e.g. defining encapsulating solutions, sound absorption treatments (after 3D modelling the spaces with ODEON software, for example) or even defining areas of compulsory use of ear defenders.


In order to ensure compliance with the noise regulations or just for the control of the ICPEs, General Acoustics carries out complete acoustic studies, integrating measurements in the ZER (“zones à emergences réglementées” i.e. “zones with limited acoustic emergence”) and in the property limits. We also perform noise mappings with the aid of the software CadnaA. In case of non compliance with regulations our engineers can propose you the actions in order to comply.


Our engineers can assist you in any type of action aiming at reducing noise and vibrations (sound-proofing) as well as to optimising acoustic quality (sound design).