Services for private individuals

Noise nuisance can have an impact on health (fatigue, stress, conflicts, etc.), whether it comes from the inside or the outside of new or old building. General Acoustics assists private individuals on all types of noise nuisance: noise generated by neighbours, noise from transport infrastructure, noise from public or private equipment, etc.

In most cases our experts can assess a situation by means of acoustic tests adapted to your problem and show evidence of the nuisance by comparing the results with criteria in standards, regulations and other references. At the same time, General Acoustics can set up acoustic targets and provide detailed advice on the build-ups and constructions to ensure the needed sound insulation.

To stand for one’s rights can be difficult when being a victim of noise nuisance.

  • - Which are the abnormal situations?
  • - Which noise levels define a noise nuisance?
  • - A nuisance is objective?
  • - The acoustic performance of my residential building is subject to a regulation?
  • - Which are the out-of-court agreements or legal processes to be engaged?

Acoustic measurements are often necessary in order to characterise and analyse the noise generating nuisance. These measurements enable the specification of actions to reduce the noise.

General Acoustics can assist you on any type of acoustic survey and study.


Sound emergence is the parameter used in French regulations to quantify noise nuisance. Emergence is defined as the level difference (dB or dB(A)) between the measured noise with the disturbing source and the measured residual noise (without disturbing source).

In addition, the frequency analysis of the noise, as well as its characteristics (impulsive nature, duration, hours, maximum sound level, etc.) enable to draw conclusions on the degree of nuisance.


General Acoustics performs complete audits in residential buildings in order to assess their acoustic qualities compared to the reference targets.

The regulations and other references regarding the acoustics in residential buildings have very much evolved in the last 20 years.


The regulations impose limits on the following acoustic indices:

- Airborne sound insulation between internal spaces (DnT,A)
- Façade sound insulation (DnT,A,Tr)
- The acoustic absorption in internal spaces to control the reverberation time (RT)
- Impact sound pressure level (L’nT,w)
- Building services noise level (LnAT)


General Acoustics can assist you in all design and execution phases of any type of space (gym, home cinema, swimming pool, spa, games room, etc.). Whether your aim is to avoid noise nuisance to neighbours or to optimise listening conditions, we can propose solutions adapted to the use of the space.