Services for studios

The acoustics of a studio is crucial in order to ensure the success of its activities. Background noise control, reverberation, diffusion of sound waves and acoustic isolation are the key elements bringing the quality of any type of studio (recording studio, a rehearsal room, video production studio, etc.).

General Acoustics can assist you with a high level of expertise in all design and execution phases of your studio. We propose bespoke solutions, entirely adapted to your specific needs, whether you aim at a certification, at controlling the noise emissions to neighbours or to comply with any other specification.

General Acoustics is a team of musicians and music lovers which will be very happy to listen to your needs and provide know how for any type of project, from the smallest to the most ambitious, where excellence will be honoured.


For projects of renovation or improvement of existing studios, or for obtaining a certification (Dolby, etc.), General Acoustics carries out acoustic assessment including measurable internal acoustic parameters such as reverberation (RT), intelligibility (STI), background noise (NR or NC) as well as sound insulation towards adjacent spaces (DnT,A).


General Acoustics assists on the design and the execution phases of large projects as well as just for simple control or advice jobs (noise nuisance, insulation, vibrations, etc.). Our expertise is complemented by cutting edge measurement equipment and calculation/design tools.