Services for tertiary sector

General Acoustics offers you assessments, project reviews and design support in order to improve the acoustics of open spaces, dining rooms, teaching and training rooms, gyms, healthcare premises or even hotel rooms.

Our engineers will find bespoke solutions adapted to your particular objectives in order to maximise acoustic comfort in your working spaces, based on criteria from labels, standards and regulations.

Noise at work is a major problem. The décret du 19/07/2006, based on the European directive 2003/10/CE, establishes de threshold of 80dB(A) as level of exposition to noise beyond which the health risk at work appears. Apart from avoiding hearing problems for employees, the control of the sound environment is essential to enhance productivity (attention, communication, etc.) as well as confidentiality, for example in the case of institutions receiving public (administrations, healthcare, etc.) and large offices.

General Acoustics offers solutions to all types of problems related to sound and vibrations. We can help you to optimise the acoustic comfort inside your premises as well as to reduce the noise emissions of your activities to the outside, for example by ventilation/air conditioning systems or loading/unloading operations, in order to minimise nuisance to your neighbours.


In-situ measurements allow to assess a given situation and compare the different acoustic criteria to the objectives of the regulations or labels. This process allows the client to check acoustic performance and/or establish the final objectives, if and improvement is wanted. Additionally, the assessments allow analysing the specific issues of the project and studying the possible treatment.

We perform all types of sound and vibration measurements required in current regulations and standards.


Based on the detailed analysis of plans and project documentation, and according to your objectives, we propose acoustic treatments to optimise working conditions and minimise noise exposure form any source (ventilation equipment, conversation, external environment, impacts and vibrations, etc.).

Our engineers will propose you different alternatives of treatment, in order to improve acoustics and respect aesthetic, financial and technical constraints.

Our acoustics consultants can work with your architect or interior design and propose solutions to control reverberation in a space (decoration, furniture, suspended ceiling, etc.). The acoustic environment can also be optimised for different scenarios.

The different scenarios or designs can be simulated with advanced acoustics software (ODEON, CADNAA, etc.). These allow optimisation of intelligibility and confidentiality by modulating objective parameters such as le STI.